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The Star of DavidThe Star of David: that six pointed star that is the conjoining of two triangles, is recognized as the symbol of Jews the world over, and of the modern State of Israel. It also has other meanings, and these meanings are considered as significant for many people the world over; whether they are Jewish or not.

Star of DavidThroughout history, the hexagram, that 'interlocking' of two triangles has had many meanings, for both the good and the bad. Many eastern religions, including Hinduism and others have incorporated this symbol into their religious symbolism and practice. The ancient Greeks used the triangle or pyramid to symbolize the letter Delta, one of the most important letters in the Greek alphabet. By interlocking two triangles, or Deltas, this took on a symbolic meaning of the joining of Heaven and Earth, as well as the union of man and woman.

With the coming of Christianity, the Hexagram became a symbol that took on both a religious meaning, as well as that referring to the mysteries of what had become known as the "Seal of Solomon" and was used frequently by alchemists and those dealing in the mysteries of the occult. The Jewish science of the Kabbalah used this symbol to explain the relationship between God and Mankind. In writings dealing with the Kabbalah, each point of the star represents the astrological constellations that play a part in Man's relationship with The Creator.

The darker side of the symbol, in regards to relations between Jews and the rest of Mankind, is in regards to the hexagram becoming a symbol to single out Jews especially during the period of the Holocaust from 1932 until the end of WWII. Jews living in Europe, and to a lesser extent in North Africa, were required to wear yellow Stars of David to make them stand out and make it easier to locate and confine them in either ghettos or internment camps.

Following the creation of the State of Israel, a red Magen David became the symbol for that country's version of The Red Cross; and though the country's emergency ambulance and medical assistance program was not recognized as being part of the International Red Cross, the symbol became the de-facto symbol of a modern and sophisticated health care organization. When the Magen David Adom organization was finally admitted into the world Red Cross body in January 2006, it was agreed that the inner part of the star, a diamond shape, would become Israel's new health symbol, and is now referred as either the Red Diamond or Red Crystal.

With Israel's admittance into the United Nations in 1948, the Star of David took on an even greater meaning as Israel became the first Jewish country to use this symbol in its national flag.

Over the years the Star of David was used in art and design. The Star of David has become very popular in Jewish Jewelry, Christian and other Religious Jewelry.